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This unique website is designed for the horse enthusiast looking to buy or sell a property in the state of Florida. Are you seeking the perfect property for retirement with the horse you love or the horse you always wanted? Are you tired of riding in ice and snow and wish to enjoy the temperate Florida winters with your horses? Are you a real estate agent seeking an equestrian-friendly site for your distinct marketing needs? Do you want to market your property yourself in order to reach the equestrian community?

We offer solutions for all of these questions and more. The buyer can view and compare properties in various locations throughout Florida and find his or her dream farm with the perfect amenities for the perfect price. We also have contacts for real estate agents and lenders should you need that service.


An agent who knows horse properties will represent the buyer and seller with a specialized knowledge base. He/She knows about fencing, barns, feed rooms and storage and the logistics of marketing your horse property effectively. Our agents are highly qualified and experienced equestrian property specialists and can:

Inform you of zoning regulations in your area regarding horse farms

Guide you to the right resources for purchasing tack and feed and hay; finding the right veterinarian and farrier in your area and choosing a contractor for building your fence or modifying or building your barn or arena.

Help secure structural inspections of the horse barn, home and other buildings

Inform you about available financing and introduce you to local lenders

Through our site, BUYERS can find just the right location for their property and their horses and SELLERS can connect with motivated buyers for FLORIDA horse properties.