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Before beginning your search for a property for you and your horses, consider all the factors involved:

Do I want a community where I can make friends and ride or drive my horses?

Do I need a trainer nearby for my specific discipline?

How much acreage can I care for?

What type of barn and pasturing do I need for my horses?

What are the interests of other members of your family and will the location be right for everyone?

What is the best location for resale if that should be a possibility in the future?

For many people, the search for a farm requires a true equestrian professional; someone who can guide you through the many options and actually listen to your wants and needs.


Finding the perfect equestrian property is a dream for many. A beautiful image of watching your horses graze in the green pasture while a gentle wind blows through the moss lined trees can be a reality. While planning your perfect farm, consider these features:


The location of the barn is important to consider. Do you want to view your horses from your home or pool? Horse barns in Florida should allow air to flow through or may be air conditioned. Do you want to build your own barn or will you work with the existing barn? A horse barn can be very elaborate or a simple run in. Stalls can be as roomy as possible for healthy horses to move in or can be tie stalls for feeding. Stalls can be constructed of wood, block or metal. Think about how the horses will be comfortable in the barn.


Is there adequate access to your hay and feed storage by truck? The truck should have a road access for delivery and be able to turn around.


Fencing choices vary, but most popular are wood, vinyl and electric fencing with some still using barbed wire. When evaluating the fencing, consider not only cost but convenience and safety of your precious animals. Consider the horse’s safety.